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Who loves the extraordinary, will quickly discover with what dedication and love for detail each element is developed and manufactured at SieMatic. The result is a perfect combination of master craftsmanship and advanced industrial manufacturing that can be seen and felt.

Connect new and old values

“Anything that pleases is allowed”. It is to follow this motto that SieMatic has teamed up with world-renowned designers to create the CLASSIC style universe, which goes far beyond classic and traditional designs. 

Connecter les valeurs nouvelles et anciennes - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
Cuisiner dans une nouvelle ère - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

Cooking in a new era

SieMatic CLASSIC kitchens allow you to play with styles and unite apparently opposing elements in a harmonious whole for the happiness of those who want to combine the old and the contemporary without ever losing elegance.

Only the best ingredients

The quality of the SieMatic design concept and the skills of your SieMatic consultant allow you to compose your kitchen like a gourmet menu: selected materials, shapes and colors, light and dark, matt and shiny, the play of symmetry and asymmetry and the skillful repetition of style elements that bring balance and harmony.

Seulement les meilleurs ingrédients - Albalat Cuisines monaco
La cuisine au centre - Albalat Cuisines Mona o

The kitchen at the center

The generous use of stainless steel for the cooker, the fronts of the pull-outs, the worktops and the hood gives the preparation area its professional appearance. The shine of the finely bevelled frames and the StoneDesign sliding doors of the niche give it a timeless elegance.


Very accommodating. The many well-thought-out elements of the MultiMatic interior storage system also include interior drawers which can withstand heavy loads and pull-outs for the upper and lower units, which make it easier to access heavy items.

MultiMatic - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
L'individualité à tous les niveaux - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

Individuality at all levels

The highly flexible SieMatic aluminum interior design system with its numerous functional inserts allows individual and easily changeable arrangement and equipment of drawers and pull- outs at any time.

Worktops and splashbacks

They play an important role in the design of the kitchen. The range of high-quality materials and varied designs offered by SieMatic is exceptionally wide - and each material has its own qualities.

Plans de travail et crédences - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
SieMatic CLASSIC : La tradition rencontre la modernité - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

ALBALAT Monaco Kitchens

SieMatic CLASSIC: Tradition meets modernity

The CLASSIC style universe convinces with a harmonious composition that skilfully combines traditional and modern styles. The symmetrical design is softened by strong contrasts of materials and colors, and the image of the traditional kitchen is completely reinterpreted through various integrated functions.

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