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As a souvenir from their region, the voluminous and extravagant island solution with which these homeowners in the Ottawa suburbs balanced the bright and shiny design of the generous space. The choice of white as the main color connects modern and traditional elements, classic profiles and stainless steel frames, kitchen and living area.

The classic has never been so modern

The white cupboards, integrated into the white walls, the white furniture which maintains an elegant discretion: the sensitive management of the light and soft tones allows the whole to merge into a whole which underlines the generosity of the interior architecture. 

Jamais le classique n'a été aussi moderne - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
De grans espaces, de grands designs - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

Big spaces, big designs

The materiality and color of the huge kitchen island and the classic, symmetrical design of the cooking area, which are clearly the points of focus, contrast sharply with the rest. The powerful stainless steel cooker , the polished stainless steel hood and the window frames are attractive points of attachment.

Great prospects

The generous island is the communicating center of the kitchen, elegantly combining cooking and pleasure. The noble “ smoked oak ” veneer forms a warm and welcoming contrast to the white lacquered surfaces in the cooking area.

De belles perspectives - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
Brillance et transparence - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

Shine and transparency

The most beautiful storage spaces for anything that can be seen are the display cases with glass doors and interior glass shelves. Frames in " polished nickel " finish create a shiny accent.

Technology for all the senses

The large, high-performance hood in polished stainless steel not only purifies the air but offers a lot of aesthetic pleasure. With its professional appearance, it blends in perfectly with the splashback and complements the ideal look of the huge kitchen.

La technologie pour tous les sens - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
Garder une vue d'ensemble - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

Keeping an overview

Among the many practical and stylish accessories of the highly flexible and transparent wooden interior design system for SieMatic drawers and cabinets, there are also fine porcelain spice grinders and jars with a glass lid.

Lasting beauty

Wood is a particularly popular coating and the most important material for SieMatic products . This is why the topic of sustainability has always been a priority for us. At SieMatic , only selected, high-quality woods are used, which we source from regional suppliers and under Forest Stewardship guidelines.

Beauté durable - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
Plans de travail et crédences - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

Worktops and splashbacks

They play an important role in the design of the kitchen. The range of high-quality materials and varied designs offered by SieMatic is exceptionally wide - and each material has its own qualities.

SieMatic CLASSIC : La tradition rencontre la modernité - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

ALBALAT Monaco Kitchens

SieMatic CLASSIC: Tradition meets modernity

The CLASSIC style universe convinces with a harmonious composition that skilfully combines traditional and modern styles. The symmetrical design is softened by strong contrasts of materials and colors, and the image of the traditional kitchen is completely reinterpreted through various integrated functions.

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