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Elegantly combining cooking and pleasure is not about space. Because it is not the dimensions that matter, but the idea. Small but versatile.

More ideas per m²

This set of cabinets, high and low storage works as a single element and meets all the technical and functional demands of a kitchen: behind the purity of aesthetics, born from the combination of constantly optimized surfaces in stainless steel with professional finish and the elegant matt lacquer in " graphite gray ", many well-thought-out developments are concealed.

Plus d'idées au m² - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
Une grande cuisine dans un petit espace - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

A large kitchen in a small space

Smart concepts are getting more and more compact. Not only in new technologies, but also in everyday life. Because when the available space is limited, more ideas are needed per square meter. For kitchen design, this means: using space as efficiently as possible  without sacrificing the quality of the workmanship, the comfort of the equipment and the individuality of the design.

Without leaving the slightest trace

SieMatic "AntiPrint" coating is a new solution for surfaces. It reduces fingerprints where they are most painful: on furniture elements with high-quality matt surfaces. 

Sans laisser la moindre trace - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
Parfaitement dissimulée - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

Perfectly concealed

Behind the pure aesthetic lie sophisticated ideas, such as side-retractable tall cabinet doors, which make built-in electrical appliances invisible after use. Thus, nothing comes to interfere with the distinguished atmosphere.

An elegant niche

As discreet as it is practical: in the lowered niche just behind the worktop, everything you need for cooking is within easy reach. 

Une niche élégante - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
Tout dans la tête - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

Everything in the head

With the exclusive SieMatic centrally controlled tap set, the water pressure and temperature can be comfortably adjusted with the hand or forearm.

Pure joy

With its elegant combination of high-quality aluminum, fine woods and beautiful porcelain, MultiMatic, the highly flexible interior storage system for wall, ceiling and wall units , offers not only aesthetic pleasure, but also many functions perfected down to the smallest. details, which give you up to 30% more space. This is how order generates joy.

La joie pure - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
Design et fonctionnalité derrière les portes - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

Design and functionality behind the doors

The SieMatic aluminum interior arrangement system for drawers and pedestals is unique in its functionality and remarkable for its graphic design: the innovative combination of materials, in light oak or smoked chestnut, flocked and associated with porcelain, is perfectly executed until in the smallest details.

Filigree framing

When you choose the same thickness for the countertops and the cheeks, you create a calming image. Here, it is 6.5 mm stainless steel , a resistant, hygienic material with a professional rendering.

Encadrement en filigrane - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
SieMatic PURE - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

ALBALAT Monaco Kitchens

SieMatic PURE

The PURE universe of SieMatic combines functionality and design in a minimalist and elegant whole. Precise contours without visible handles and knobs, combined with high quality materials, define the timeless character of this universe of purist style.

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