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Pure elegance and warm comfort are not contradictory and SieMatic Classic represents the sensitive design enamelled with extravagant elements: glass and shine ensure light and transparency, the profiled fronts offer classic aesthetics. 

Create your own compositions

With the talent of your ALBALAT Monaco Kitchens advisor and your personal ideas, this mix of styles creates a unique and timeless design.

Créez vos propres compositions - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
La forme suit les sentiments - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

Form follows feelings

Classic or modern, lacquered or stainless steel, matt or shiny? Why choose ? In the SieMatic CLASSIC style universe, you create a harmonious whole from seemingly opposing elements, to achieve your own individual and sensitive version of a classic kitchen. You just have to follow your sense of style.

Brilliant extensions

Stylish filigree handles and smooth, glossy nickel finish display cases accentuate the traditional charm of the classic "gloss white" front framing - one of over 1950 colors available from SieMatic .

De brillantes extensions - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
Brillance et transparence - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

Shine and transparency

The almost ceiling-height display cases framed in metal in a " shiny nickel " finish and the elegant combination of "graphite oak", the color "shiny nickel" and glass for the interior fittings offer plenty of space for the beautiful. objects, those that we proudly show rather than hide them.


Very accommodating. The many well-thought-out elements of the MultiMatic interior storage system also include interior drawers which can withstand heavy loads and pull-outs for the upper and lower units, which make it easier to access heavy items.

MultiMatic - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
Aménagement d'intérieur - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

Interior design

The elegant and comfortable combination of materials of the SieMatic aluminum interior design system combines exterior and interior value, for example with noble smoked chestnut. The dark chestnut wood is tinted by smoking in order to obtain a patina during the long life of a SieMatic kitchen, without any light streaks.

Playing with styles

The SieMatic ColorSystem offers an attractive color spectrum in matte or lacquered finishes, which allows SieMatic elements to be combined throughout the catalog to create your personalized style of smooth fronts and frames.

Jouer avec les styles - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
Plans de travail et crédences - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

Worktops and splashbacks

They play an important role in the design of the kitchen. The range of high-quality materials and varied designs offered by SieMatic is exceptionally wide - and each material has its own qualities.

SieMatic CLASSIC : La tradition rencontre la modernité - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

ALBALAT Monaco Kitchens

SieMatic CLASSIC: Tradition meets modernity

The CLASSIC style universe convinces with a harmonious composition that skilfully combines traditional and modern styles. The symmetrical design is softened by strong contrasts of materials and colors, and the image of the traditional kitchen is completely reinterpreted through various integrated functions.

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