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“A superb kitchen has a magic that transforms the room into a feeling. people are drawn to this kitchen and they don't necessarily know why. the kitchen sings. it's my job to write music. » Mick de Giulio, Designer, Chicago, USA.

Shine with new ideas

This SieMatic BeauxArts interpretation of a classic kitchen surprises with its unconventional ideas. For example, the matt stainless steel drawers with frame in "polished nickel tone", the shine of which is also reflected in the polished frames of the small and tall display doors, are particularly attractive accents. The black granite of the SieMatic StoneDesign worktops and the black marble, which elegantly frames and emphasizes the cooking area, contrast with the filigree appearance of these elements.

Briller par de nouvelles idées - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
Un miroir de la Personnalité - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

A mirror of Personality

The stainless steel base units with a bevelled frame in “ polished nickel ” tone combine with the lower cupboards in glossy lotus white lacquer, the shine of which is further enhanced by the mirror-finished plinth. The black marble cladding of the niche and the polished stainless steel hood make the kitchen area a deliberate contrast but harmoniously elegant.

The art of composition

Traditional and modern, decorative and uncluttered, matt and shiny, filigree and solid: the planning of the SieMatic CLASSIC style universe makes it possible to combine apparently opposing design elements to create a harmonious whole. So that you can discover the most beautiful style for furnishing the kitchen: your own.

L’art de la composition - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
Briser les règles de style avec élégance - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

Break the rules of style with elegance

The smooth, shiny frames of the upper cabinets form an attractive contrast to the lacquered fronts of the lower units - here in one of the blacks of the SieMatic Individual ColorSystem , where you can choose from 1950 colors, glossy or matt.

For sliding doors

Discover the details of the SieMatic interior design system for drawers and pull-outs . A unique, practical and flexible system that can only be found at SieMatic .

Pour les coulissants - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
Pour les armoires - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

For wardrobes

Save up to 30% of space in your kitchen thanks to the MultiMatic from SieMatic , the unique and patented interior storage system. 

Worktops and splashbacks

They play an important role in the design of the kitchen. The range of high-quality materials and varied designs offered by SieMatic is exceptionally wide - and each material has its own qualities.

Plans de travail et crédences - Albalat Cuisines Monaco
Pour le plus haut niveau d’exigence - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

For the highest level of requirement

The SieMatic CLASSIC lacquered program brings out the elegance of interior furniture while meeting the requirements of the kitchen without having an attack surface. The fronts in exclusive SieMatic SQ lacquer are produced in "top quality": by an innovative painting process, which allows the greatest flexibility in design while respecting the environment in premium quality "made in Germany". The new SieMatic AntiPrint coating reduces fingerprints even on matt surfaces.

SieMatic CLASSIC : La tradition rencontre la modernité - Albalat Cuisines Monaco

ALBALAT Monaco Cuisines

SieMatic CLASSIC: Tradition meets modernity

The CLASSIC style universe convinces with a harmonious composition that skilfully combines traditional and modern styles. The symmetrical design is softened by strong contrasts of materials and colors, and the image of the traditional kitchen is completely reinterpreted through various integrated functions.

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